My top Wedding day services – The Caterer, a Photobooth & Event coordinator

Your big day can approach quickly. Many women are overwhelmed with planning the necessities of their wedding. The good news is there is a fantastic method for getting help planning and organizing your wedding. The solution is to use a wedding blog that has tips, guides, lists of wedding vendors and other information necessary for you to plan your big day. A blog is the perfect format for organizing the wedding information you need, with personalized posts from former and current brides that have gone through what you are currently experiencing. Following are many of the wedding services and vendors a blog for weddings could help you to organize. Some are more of a demand than others like, catering, a photo booth, DJ and even bartenders but we wanted to highlight and give a shout out to our friends over at Photo Booth Winnipeg. Their wedding photo services go the extra mile and make sure guests have a great time.

Finding the Right Wedding Vendors

Your big day would not be complete without cherished items provided by wedding vendors. Valuable items such as your cake, floral arrangements and bridal dress. Bridal Gowns, when it comes time to walk down the aisle, every bride needs to look fabulous. Choose fantastic gowns for your bridesmaids. Floral Arrangements, flowers provide an excellent environment for your nuptials and reception.

Cake: A wedding cake is the centrepiece of several photographs and traditions associated with your ceremony. Find confection stores that make beautiful wedding cake designs that reflect your tastes. Finding the best wedding services locally, there are several services that are crucial for a proper nuptial. Photos and videography will capture the special moment forever. A planner can assist you in scheduling out many important events connected to the wedding.

Photographers, this special day occurs only once. Capture this special occasion by using the best wedding photographers available locally and preserve this joyous event on film. Videographers, recall every moment of your wedding through the years by filming with the skills of a professional wedding video photographer. Planners: These professionals will make your life easier when you locate the right planner available in your local area.

Thoughtful Ideas for Your Big Day

Receive interesting ideas for your special day and read important news about getting wed. Finding a Wedding Blog, finding the best wedding blog is easy, simply go to Google and search for “wedding blog”! Or you can utilize the blog discussed in the author resource box below.

Food & Feeding a Large Guest List

If there is one thing that could turn your fairy tale wedding into a nightmare for your guests, it would probably be the food. We all know that food sets the mood for most people and just the touch of exquisite food to their tongues can send fireworks to their eyes. So to make sure that you and your guests will be satisfied the whole night, make sure that the wedding catering is carefully selected and handpicked.

However, because of the number of caterers out there, how exactly would you choose the perfect one for your wedding? Here are some tried and tested tips from other wives who made the right choice of going the extra mile to find the perfect food for their wedding.

The first thing you need to consider in coming up with wedding catering is the menu. What does this specific caterer have that the others do not? Set up appointments to take a look at how they present their food and actual food tasting. Also, since your guests would probably be from diverse backgrounds, make sure that the food is a little bit diverse, too. If you are a vegetarian, your guests probably won’t be so find a caterer that specializes both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

As soon as you have the wedding menu planned, sit down with your partner and talk about how much you can spend on food. Make sure that you know all the packages that specific caterers have because some of them might cost a little over the others, but it already includes items such as the wedding cake and a pair of doves. Sometimes, having these extras included in your package instead of buying them separately will save you money in the process.

Also, try to come up with the number of people attending the wedding. Of course, you can’t come up with a specific number but having a ballpark figure to work on will enable you to gauge how much you will be spending. Besides, some wedding catering services offer cheaper per head rates if there are more people coming. Make a conservative estimate and add a few more to it to make sure that extra visitors will still have something to eat. Besides, it’s quite rude to send someone away just because he’s not included in the head count, right? One important way of limiting your guests is to include a maximum number of people per invitation and clearly indicate in the invitation that they need to respond to be counted on or before a specific date. After this, it will be easier for you to gauge the package you will be getting from the caterer.

In making sure that the food you will be serving during your wedding is top notch, your guests will forever remember the experience they had in your reception. People are governed by their gastronomical impulses so feeding them something beyond compare will result to a livelier, more enthusiastic crowd when the time comes for the wedding reception.

For all things that are wedding related, visit You can gather a lot more information and ideas you’ll need when planning your wedding.

How to choose the right venue for your big day

An important part of making your wedding day happen is selecting a wedding venue that will host the party and most importantly suit the style of day you have in mind. When it comes to deciding on a wedding venue / location there are a number of points to consider. In this post we will outline some great tips to get you started and in the right direction. Firstly, you must allocate a budget for your big day. There are so many costs & services involved with a wedding including, wedding photography, video, cars, dresses, flowers, cakes, suits, the location, church the list goes on. Set aside a budget for the location as this will most likely take up a great chunk from the budget.

Keep this in mind that venues can cost in excess of $80 AUD / head in Sydney as a ball park figure. Obviously this cost can increase significantly pending on what you have on the menu ie. Seafood. Once you have established that you are steering for a venue then the next step is to decide on the theme for the day and the location where you would like to have your big day. Head to Google, ask friends on recommendations for venues that they have been and have been satisfied with the service and the quality of food. Getting a referral is probably the safest bet in determining where you would like to party at the venue. Narrow down your list and then start booking your appointments for food tasting and negotiation on price.

Helpful Tips to Consider

How many Guests? Plan how many guests you are planning to invite so you will roughly know that the venue will cater for the amount of people.

Stylish Decor

Match the style and colours of your wedding day with the decorations and décor of your wedding venue. This can stretch to the church where flowers will correspond with the theme.

Lighting & Ambience

Ensure the venue has adequate lighting so that you can obtain the brightness and ambience for your day. A lowly lit location that doesn’t cater for changes of lighting will look very gloomy on the day. So consider this in your list of questions.


Once you establish the location and guests, your next big step and most important component is to organise your menu and negotiate on price. Don’t be afraid in asking for discounts or other bonuses thrown in such as a cake or DJ. You have nothing to lose. Visit each location when selecting and ask all your questions that you need answered.