How to choose the right venue for your big day

An important part of making your wedding day happen is selecting a wedding venue that will host the party and most importantly suit the style of day you have in mind. When it comes to deciding on a wedding venue / location there are a number of points to consider. In this post we will outline some great tips to get you started and in the right direction. Firstly, you must allocate a budget for your big day. There are so many costs & services involved with a wedding including, wedding photography, video, cars, dresses, flowers, cakes, suits, the location, church the list goes on. Set aside a budget for the location as this will most likely take up a great chunk from the budget.

Keep this in mind that venues can cost in excess of $80 AUD / head in Sydney as a ball park figure. Obviously this cost can increase significantly pending on what you have on the menu ie. Seafood. Once you have established that you are steering for a venue then the next step is to decide on the theme for the day and the location where you would like to have your big day. Head to Google, ask friends on recommendations for venues that they have been and have been satisfied with the service and the quality of food. Getting a referral is probably the safest bet in determining where you would like to party at the venue. Narrow down your list and then start booking your appointments for food tasting and negotiation on price.

Helpful Tips to Consider

How many Guests? Plan how many guests you are planning to invite so you will roughly know that the venue will cater for the amount of people.

Stylish Decor

Match the style and colours of your wedding day with the decorations and d├ęcor of your wedding venue. This can stretch to the church where flowers will correspond with the theme.

Lighting & Ambience

Ensure the venue has adequate lighting so that you can obtain the brightness and ambience for your day. A lowly lit location that doesn’t cater for changes of lighting will look very gloomy on the day. So consider this in your list of questions.


Once you establish the location and guests, your next big step and most important component is to organise your menu and negotiate on price. Don’t be afraid in asking for discounts or other bonuses thrown in such as a cake or DJ. You have nothing to lose. Visit each location when selecting and ask all your questions that you need answered.